Breakfast buffet- feeding a large family healthily.

For some reason if I give my kids a plate of healthy food they moan whereas if I put the exact same food on a chopping board and call it a buffet they clear the lot in a few minutes. Kids are very strange sometimes.

This mornings offering was the leftovers from last weeks Abel and Coke delivery – clearing the way for tomorrow’s fresh boxes!

Raw Food Family Lunch

I have been pinning raw food ideas for a while now, I am not sure I could follow the diet  BUT some of the meals looks really tasty so I had a go today for lunch and my goodness, what a hit!

FullSizeRender (12)

Every single one of the 5 children loved it and demanded we have it again which for my kids is amazing!

Spring rolls

Spiralized (or finely sliced) carrots and cucumber
Rice paper wraps

Dipping sauce

Nut butter (I mixed with a little milk to thin but you could use water or just have it as it is)

Apple – Thing

Sliced apples,  mixed nuts and I added chocolate drops this time because I thought my kids would need encouraging to eat it – I was wrong! so I probably would bother next time.

We used the dip for both the spring rolls and the apples and it was lovely!

I will certainly be having a go at more raw food in the future!