Perler Bead Tutorial – Minecraft Creeper

25 kids icecreams that are paleo friendly!

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Filling paleo breakfast!

Mmmmm breakfast sausage, eggs and pickled gherkin what a way to start the day!


6 Month old tummy time!

Kids perler bead bracelet!

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3 lines of beads with jump rings at the back to join !

Omg the sun is out quick get in the garden!!

Mental note: buy summer hats!

Paleo grown up packed lunch!

Bacon, fried and chopped



Chopped mixed nuts

Lovely for a really quick and easy packed lunch.

Paleo kids watermelon slushie

Big hit With only one ingredient !

Scoop out and blend the watermelon flesh

Pour mix (it will be really watery don’t worry!) into a shallow dish and freeze

A few hours later a lovely sweet slushy!

Not really the season but perler bead tree decoration!

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So it’s hot and sunny which for some reason inspired me to make a tree decoration – i am not logical.

perler bead tree decoration

5 minute breakfast pan


A handful of sprouts roughly chopped

Half a red pepper

1 egg

A handful of grated cheese (I used cheddar and black pepper)

Oil for frying

Add the oil to he pan , and add the veggies around the centre. Crack the egg into the centre and fry it all until cooked.

Sprinkle the cheese over he veggies for a minute until melted and serve !