Summer School Daily Plan For a Large Family – Week 1

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See Week 2

We are going to be doing a 4 day a week “Summer school” this year, with a three day weekend. I have decided to start on some of the books I planned to use next year during the summer (for example “first language lessons”  and “The story of the world”.

This plan covers the older 5 children (the youngest is only 8 months and so will mostly be hugging with the occasional break for playing and snacks!) ages 11,9,7,5 and 4. Although we will be doing a lot of the same reading I will differentiate activities for age on the theme. First language lessons is for all of them BUT it will act as a quick review for the older ones while the younger ones will be learning it for the first time. I would expect my 4 year old to tune in and out to things not directly aimed at her (her 15 minutes of learning to read in the morning is her main lesson) she will have things like playdoh etc available to her during the day. At 1:30 some of the activities will be aimed towards her such as playdoh or sensory trays.

This Week  we will need  (most of this will last all summer) :

Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons
Individual reading books for each child (something the will enjoy)
Printed traceable letter practice sheets OR book of first writing
10 Minute spelling books age 5-7 x 2
10 minute spelling books age 9-11 x 2
Copywork books easy peasy homeschool 2 (x2)
Copywork books for older children (x2)
First Language Lessons for the well trained mind
“A mink a fink – what is a noun?”
Little Bits (or other electronic learning set)
Read aloud book (we are reading The BFG)
Large wall poster of multiplication tables (to follow when reciting)
Lollipop sticks and wool for the weaving project
A4 size spiral bound notebooks 2 for each child (for the interactive notebooks and human body notebooks)
Story of the world book 1
Story of the world activity book
The Usbourne book of world history.
Plastic tray, red water beads, ping pong balls, red foam (for the blood sensory tray)
Scratch programmig in easy steps (for older kids)
Computer coding scratch made easy (for younger kids)
Set of dominoes
Me and my family tree
Craft card
Stick on gems

We like structure and plans – we don’t tend to get on well with “do as you please” days it just ends in chaos. So this is a timed plan – and i use that word carefully as it will not always end up being like this, things happen, people turn up etc. A final note just because something is in a half hour slot doesn’t mean it will last the full half hour!

So without further delay week 1!


Day 1

9:00am 4 year old – Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons.
Other children – Individual Reading

9:30am 4 year old – Practice writing on tracables.
Other children – 10 Minutes Spelling books. Copywork books

10:00am All children -Lesson 1 from First language lessons.
Read  “Mink a Fink – what is a noun?”

10:30am All Children – Use our “little bits” sets

11:00am – All Children – Recite our 2,3 and 4 times tables then work out maths workbooks.

11:30am – All Children – Listen to mum read aloud (BFG to start!)


1:00pm – All Children – Work on our interactive notebooks

1:30pm – All children – Lollipop stick weaving project

2:00pm – All Children – Read story of the world Introduction- What is history?
Read Usbourne Book of World History p 2-3
Look at review and narration questions (from story of the world)



Day 2 

9:00am – 4 year old – teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons.
Other children – individual reading

9:30am – 4 year old – letter traceables
All Children – 10 Minute spelling books and copywork books

10:00am – All children – Language lesson 2 from first language lessons

10:30am – All children – Little Bits

11:00am – All children – Recite 2,3,4,5 tables and maths workbooks

11:30am – All children – Listen to mum read aloud


1:00pm – All children – Work on some printables on the human body – stick into our human body notebooks.

1:30pm – All children – Play in the paddling pool or board games if raining.

2:00 pm – Make a human body “what is in blood” tray



Day 3 

9:00am – 4 year old – 100 reading lessons
– Other children – individual reading

9:30am – 4 year old – traceable letters
Other children – Copywork books, 10 minute spelling books

10:00am -All Children – Language Lesson 3
Watch Noun song videos on youtube

10:30am – 5 and 7 year old work through scratch book
9 year old – scratch book for older kids
11 year old – Kahn academy programming

11:00am – All Children – Recite 2,3,4,5 tables and work on maths workbooks

11:30am – listen to Mum read


1:00pm – All children-  work on interactive notebooks

1:30pm – All children –  make domino runs!

2:00pm. Make history of my family book
Read me and my family tree

Day 4

9:00am – 4 year old – 100 reading lessons.
– Other Children – individual reading.

9:30am – 4 year old – Letter traceables
-Other children – copywork, 10 minutes spelling

10:00am – ALl children – Language Lessons 4

10:30am – All Children – Little Bits set.

11:00am – Recite 2,3,4,5,tables and work on maths workbooks


1:00pm – Work on interactive notebooks

1:30pm – Make Gem letter name cards

2:00pm – Work on my body notebooks.


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