My very first “haul” video!

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Making nature name cards

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Excavating dinosaurs 

On a recent trip to the Co-op I saw these little dinosaur box sets on sale. A little box with some stickers, a fact book , some game cards and a dinosaur to excavate. Each little excavation set came with a hammer, chisel and brush . 

They were great fun! The kids spent ages carefully chipping away to get the little dinosaurs out and it passed an afternoon – my son even read the fact book which was quite an achievement for a boy who tells me he “hates” reading!

£1.90 meal for 8!

So money was a little tight this week and this meal was a lifesaver for filling up the kids bellies!

Some pinto beans soaked then cooked for around 60 minutes , mixed with garlic, chopped tomatoes and chilli powder. Rice , homemade tortilla wraps and cheese!

Chill peanut stir fry 

For a last minute “I forgot to defrost the meat” meal this was delicious!


Straight to wok noodles

Mange tout



Sweet chilli sauce

A table spoon of peanut butter

Just cook it all up in a wok and its done!

Dinosaur sensory play tray

Today was going pretty slowly and so my 1pm I had had enough of the moaning and decided to move myself to entertain the 4 year old!
We came up with this dinosaur play tray ( she loves dinosaurs at the moment). It’s just some rice mixed with bits and bobs we scavenged from the garden . The dinosaurs are from our learning resources super sorting set (love that!)

Introduction to prehistory booklet

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Free download of the introduction to prehistory booklet. A small introduction to a unit of prehistory.

Click the image to go to the free download


Digestive System Activity Pack

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One more printable ready for our human body weeks in the next few months!

Download free here!


Picking blackcurrants

Our blackcurrants bush has finally produced some berries!

So yesterday afternoon we got to spend a fun 10 minutes picking them all. We enjoyed an apple and blackcurrant crumble with custard last night. With the added smug feeling of having actually grown something!!

Making our own Stone Age shelters out of connecting straws!

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Today we read the section on shelter in our hands on history Stone Age book. So what better way to put our new found knowledge into practice than building our own shelter.

I didn’t really fancy felling trees and hunting a mammoth so we decided to use connecting straws and a bed sheet!.