How We Got Here – A Story For Other Mums Of Many – Part 1

Pregnancy and birth – how we got here.

I’m guessing if you’re reading this pregnancy and birth are not new to you. I’ll spare you the long winded descriptions of your baby’s weekly development and I won’t bother comparing him or her to a fruit or vegetable, after all, there are thousands of books that will tell you when your baby has reached the milestone of being the size of an avocado.

This is for mums who are bathing toddlers with one hand while simultaneously throwing up in the toilet (ah the joys of pregnancy sickness) or those who are waddling to the park and wondering where the nearest toilet is for their 20th toilet trip of the morning. It is also for mums who don’t think they can do this, those that are pregnant with baby 3,4,5 or more and feel like they are failing (spoiler – you’re not) or alternatively those thinking about having more but struggling to make a choice. So here we go let’s delve into the world of large family pregnancy.

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