8 week Plan Of Activities – Colours/Shapes and History!

Anyone who knows me will tell you I LOVE history.
So my 8 week plan sneaks history in for even little tiny ones!
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We had great fun!






Dinosaur sensory play tray

Today was going pretty slowly and so my 1pm I had had enough of the moaning and decided to move myself to entertain the 4 year old!
We came up with this dinosaur play tray ( she loves dinosaurs at the moment). It’s just some rice mixed with bits and bobs we scavenged from the garden . The dinosaurs are from our learning resources super sorting set (love that!)

Making concertina notebooks

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We have been reading Isabels Nosiy Tummy by David Mckee and as a way to try and encourage writing and mark making we made a little concertina book. We really enjoyed this – it was easy on the budget (we had everything!) and it was a no fuss was or practicing writing her name. I will be doing more of these in the next few months!IMG_8993IMG_8990



Flashcard Friday – Ocean Picture Flashcards

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Flashcard Friday! Summer ABC Flashcards

More Summer flashcards!

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Totschool Letter A Week Reading List

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letter aTen Apples Up on Top! (Green Back Books)


Apples Grow on a Tree (How Fruit and Vegetables Grow)


Ants in Your Pants!


Topsy and Tim: Go on an Aeroplane


Amazing Machines: Amazing Aeroplanes: Amazing Machines 1


Making our names with perler bead name cards

Rosie is still struggling to learn her name so my latest effort is to make some letter cards and help her spell out her name with those 

Painting for babies!


Molly is just about getting into her proper “activities” now as opposed to being a more passive participant. I dont fancy giving her actual painting tools – she would eat the paint and probably poke herself in the eye with the brush but this activity gives her the feel of creating a painting without the mess and injury!

Its just a freezer bag with a few blobs of coloured paint in which I then sellotaped to her high chair tray. She then used her hands to spread the paint around.

The whole activity lasted only about 5 minutes but as a first introduction to paint I think its well worth a go!

New totschool 2 part jigsaw printable

A sort of summery themed printable for little ones. Two part jigsaws all about camping!
Free printable download here


Making the first letter of our name with megablocks

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We are practicing recognising the letters of our names starting with the first letter. Today we used blocks to draw an “R” shape then filled it back in!

And of course my 5 year old couldn’t resist doing an E for her name as well!

The whole thing took 5 minutes but hopefully just a bit of reinforcement of the letters of her name – she is point blank refusing to learn them at the moment!