Making cheap minecraft party bag fillers!

My children are minecraft fans and so parties naturally have a minecraft theme. Minecraft party bag fillers are really expensive though so I am making my own!

These keyrings are just made out of Hama beads, jump rings and key chains and take just a few minutes each to make.

Painting for babies!


Molly is just about getting into her proper “activities” now as opposed to being a more passive participant. I dont fancy giving her actual painting tools – she would eat the paint and probably poke herself in the eye with the brush but this activity gives her the feel of creating a painting without the mess and injury!

Its just a freezer bag with a few blobs of coloured paint in which I then sellotaped to her high chair tray. She then used her hands to spread the paint around.

The whole activity lasted only about 5 minutes but as a first introduction to paint I think its well worth a go!

Making our own Stone Age cave painting handprints!

We have been reading about the Stone Age and cave painting so here is our very own set of cave painting handprints!

Cheap Activities For Kids – Toilet Roll Paintings!

Non minecraft activities for a minecraft obsessed 9 year old

My 9 year old is utterly obsessed with minecraft, if he’s not playing it he’s nagging for more computer time to play it. It gets more than a little annoying since I don’t really want him on it 24/7.

In an effort to get him interested in something (anything) else this morning we painted a plate I found in home and bargain. I was expecting this to be met with moaning but actually he enjoyed it and only mentioned minecraft about 309 times which is an improvement on normal!!

Not quite so minecraft obsessed 11 year old has started on a mini cross stitch set. Which is a nice new skill for her to learn.

This half term will be full of non minecraft activities mainly to try and save my own sanity but also so that my 9 year old doesn’t permanently meld to the couch with the laptop on his knee.