Playing with the baby mirror

Our new playpen 

Our new playpen arrived yesterday for Molly! I have put it up in the playroom but there is some reorganization that needs to get done in there, I think i will move the desks out to the other side and have the playpen over in that corner to give a bit more room. I have never actually had a playpen before but I am finding that Molly is a super speedy crawler and so it seemed a good idea to have somewhere nice a safe but not too tiny(!) for her to play while I am cooking (the kitchen is next to this room just out of shot) or while I am doing a non baby friendly activity with the older kids.

Painting for babies!


Molly is just about getting into her proper “activities” now as opposed to being a more passive participant. I dont fancy giving her actual painting tools – she would eat the paint and probably poke herself in the eye with the brush but this activity gives her the feel of creating a painting without the mess and injury!

Its just a freezer bag with a few blobs of coloured paint in which I then sellotaped to her high chair tray. She then used her hands to spread the paint around.

The whole activity lasted only about 5 minutes but as a first introduction to paint I think its well worth a go!

Seven Month Old Activities – Ball Pool!

Our new ball pool and signing book arrived!

It’s getting so much fun playing with Molly now! She enjoyed her little ball pool in the garden and we have a signing book I am hoping to start work on. Fun times!

Balls in a muffin tray – seven month old activity

6 Month old tummy time!

Omg the sun is out quick get in the garden!!

Mental note: buy summer hats!