Day 1 2016-2017 home education year.

51FgYkfAPHL._SX398_BO1,204,203,200_We are only doing a couple of hours a day and so we have decided to start off with one or two activities in August so that we can get through what we planned with our extra short day !.
Day 1 – we started off really slow we did a lesson from “language lessons for the well trained mind” (we are actually on lesson 14 since we had started last year!)

For history we read the next section of story of the world and coloured a picture of a farmer and a shaduf (from the story of the world activity book).

I read them a little of a book on Skara Brae and we made a recreation in our tuff tray of how the settlement was discovered in the 1850s.

We did a very brief start to our science which is habitats – the first page of a workbook!

The whole lot took around an hour and the rest of the day was spent relaxing and enjoying summer

Homemade baby water pouring station!

My 9 month old is just starting to enjoying playing with water and so today we used some quadroplay to make a little water pouring toy!

And of course we had a play on the new swing to finish off!

Reading hit – recapturing my childhood!

I used to love goosebumps books as a child and so couldn’t resist buying a set for reading out loud to my own children!.

My original plan was a chapter or two a day but the kids loved the story and kept shouting more! So goosebumps – the ghost next door was a huge hit and finished in three days!






Making a shaduf 

Click image for video!

Free reader “my new kitten” – learning to use our gentle hands!

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Emily needs constant reminding that kittens are not toys!  I created this reader to reinforce that idea.


Get your free copy here!


















End of the month and planning for next month!

My very first “haul” video!

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Making nature name cards

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Excavating dinosaurs 

On a recent trip to the Co-op I saw these little dinosaur box sets on sale. A little box with some stickers, a fact book , some game cards and a dinosaur to excavate. Each little excavation set came with a hammer, chisel and brush . 

They were great fun! The kids spent ages carefully chipping away to get the little dinosaurs out and it passed an afternoon – my son even read the fact book which was quite an achievement for a boy who tells me he “hates” reading!

£1.90 meal for 8!

So money was a little tight this week and this meal was a lifesaver for filling up the kids bellies!

Some pinto beans soaked then cooked for around 60 minutes , mixed with garlic, chopped tomatoes and chilli powder. Rice , homemade tortilla wraps and cheese!