It is the season for ponds and jam!

A few days ago i decided we should go “look at some nature” as my daughter says.

So we loaded everything on the buggy and headed up to the pond nearby. It didn’t quite go as planned (when does anything ever go to plan?) but at least we got a healthy dose of fresh air and then a heavy dose of uh… rain.








So After running home in the rain I decided to use up some of the huge number of plums we had on our tree to make jam. I now have A LOT of jam – I think we have enough plum jam to last until next year!


How We Got Here – A Story For Other Mums Of Many – Part 1

Pregnancy and birth – how we got here.

I’m guessing if you’re reading this pregnancy and birth are not new to you. I’ll spare you the long winded descriptions of your baby’s weekly development and I won’t bother comparing him or her to a fruit or vegetable, after all, there are thousands of books that will tell you when your baby has reached the milestone of being the size of an avocado.

This is for mums who are bathing toddlers with one hand while simultaneously throwing up in the toilet (ah the joys of pregnancy sickness) or those who are waddling to the park and wondering where the nearest toilet is for their 20th toilet trip of the morning. It is also for mums who don’t think they can do this, those that are pregnant with baby 3,4,5 or more and feel like they are failing (spoiler – you’re not) or alternatively those thinking about having more but struggling to make a choice. So here we go let’s delve into the world of large family pregnancy.

Conception and the all important pregnancy test. Continue Reading →

8 week Plan Of Activities – Colours/Shapes and History!

Anyone who knows me will tell you I LOVE history.
So my 8 week plan sneaks history in for even little tiny ones!
Download HERE to try it out!

We had great fun!






Who was King Tut (Roberta Edwards) Unit to accompany the book

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Who was king Tut


(Buy this book on Amazon for £3.84)

Day 1

Read the introduction and chapter 1

  • Look up pictures of King tuts treasure online (for example
  • Why do you think ancient civilizations grew up around rivers? – Have your child either narrate or write their answer and encourage them to think about farming and trade.
  • Make a model of a crook – you could try using rolled up paper or some card – if you are feeling more adventurous how about painting an old walking stick?!

Day 2

Read Chapters 2 and 3

  • Ask your child to draw their own picture of Thoth and title it “Thoth god of the moon”.
  • Can you describe the changes made to religious worship in Egypt by Amenhotep? . Have your child either narrate or write and answer.


Day 3

Read Chapters 3 and 4

  • Paint your name in hieroglyphs on a large piece of paper and make your own scroll.
  • What do you think happened to King Tut? – Have your child either narrate or write and answer.

Day 4

Read Chapters 5 and 6

  • If you were a young pharoah planning a pyramid what belongings would YOU include to accompany you to the afterlife? Have your child either narrate or write and answer.

Day 5

Read Chapters 7 and 8


Day 6

Read Chapters 9 and 10

  • How do you think Howard Carter felt after when he discovered the tomb? Have your child narrate or write and answer.
  • Have a look at these pictures of Howard Carter exploring King Tuts tomb


Day 7

Read Chapters 11 and 12

  • Do you believe in the curse? Have your child narrate or write and answer.

Using the timeline at the back of the book add important dates to to your book of centuries.

The Discovery Of Skara Brae – Tuff Tray Style


Homemade baby water pouring station!

My 9 month old is just starting to enjoying playing with water and so today we used some quadroplay to make a little water pouring toy!

And of course we had a play on the new swing to finish off!

Reading hit – recapturing my childhood!

I used to love goosebumps books as a child and so couldn’t resist buying a set for reading out loud to my own children!.

My original plan was a chapter or two a day but the kids loved the story and kept shouting more! So goosebumps – the ghost next door was a huge hit and finished in three days!






Making a shaduf 

Click image for video!

Free reader “my new kitten” – learning to use our gentle hands!

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Emily needs constant reminding that kittens are not toys!  I created this reader to reinforce that idea.


Get your free copy here!


















End of the month and planning for next month!